A Brief About Us

SOFU was established to be the state forum for the advancement of STEAM education. Our sphere of activities aim at popularizing science education and creating a deeper understanding of scientific method. The following activities define the core programs of the Foundation in pursuit of her mission;

The National & International Science Olympiads
Our objective with the National Science Olympiad is to deliver a Championship that promotes science, celebrates excellence in school sciences and advocates the importance of science education. This core intent is augmented with the purpose to identify and select teams of students to represent Uganda at the International Science Olympiads.
The SCIFETE Dubai ( Click here)
A science themed academic trip to the UAE that provides hand-on scientific grooming with the core purpose of inspiring and mentoring a new generation of students with the wonders of science, technology and the future.
Data Inversion BootCamp ( Click here)
STEM BootCamps aim to impart in demand data analysis and technological skills amongst students at an early stage. Our pioneer programs include Argumetation, Python Programming, Data Science, Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking and Front end web development.


Eight reasons you should participate in the Science Olympiads

Building a Future Talent Pool

The Olympiads are not just a competition; their objective is to provide a competitive platform to students, thus creating a talent pool for future.

Exposure to Early Learning

The competition gives a chance to students to sharpen their skills by tackling a number of problems at a level not encountered in their classrooms.

A Solid Foundation

Olympiads help in development of students' IQ, Logical and Analytical thinking from a very young age which helps them in later stages as they prepare for other competitive exams.

Networking and Global Tourism

The Olympiads pool together the world's brightest minds into an environment where they can create everlasting positive bonds, exchange and learn with each other

Improve Class Performance

The Olympiads will help students understand concepts and their application. The exams do not just test the students' knowledge of concepts but the application of those concepts.

Profile Building

Students who get high scores in the Olympiads have this achievement added to their academic profile. This helps students get direct admission into Top Universities worldwide.

Self discovery

The Olympiads help to identify a child's capability and real potential that may help them survive better in today's modern competitive world.

The Moral Lesson

Bitter truth! The Olympiads will teach you how to lose and win. Students are going to learn a great lesson: that it takes a ton of effort to become a winner, but it’s worth it.

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